Shamini Patel

lead designer



My Story

While shopping for a destination wedding that I had to attend, I was surprised that no one could offer good quality jewellery without charging a bomb for it.

So what did I do? I came up with some wedding solutions by introducing a new concept in occasion wear. My silver based jewellery looks just like gold but comes at fraction of the cost of gold and still is every bit as precious.

My mission is simple - To create affordable, lightweight high quality designs for those special occasions in life that you’ll always remember.



My Inspiration

The beauty and intricacy behind my designs stems from my Indian roots and cultural heritage. As a woman of many distinctions – graphic designer to homemaker to part of Baroda’s glitterati to becoming the pioneer in silver handcrafted jewellery – I wanted to make wedding jewellery accessible and affordable for everyone. I try to keep my designs fresh and on-trend while staying true to my Indian design sensibilities and building upon my vision of continually enhancing the experience of my clientele. My jewellery offers a peek into my creative mind and is designed with the intent to inspire you to shine bright and celebrate life.



My Work

I believe that my best brides, wives, mothers and young ladies come to me because they see glimpses of transparency, combined with my professionalism and creative ideas and know that our souls were meant to work together. We connect because they are inspired and know of their worth and beauty deep within. Sometimes though we need to be reminded of the radiance within us, hidden behind the hustle, bustle and trials of life. I’ve found that celebrating every occasion in life big and small and making memories with your loved ones is the best way to live life. I aim to delight, inspire and ultimately make your life sparkle with my range of jewellery.

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